About opv workshop

The Organic PV Congress will be held in Barcelona on the 7th of October to highlight the innovations and commercialization pathways of Organic Photovoltaic technologies.

We are proud to present, the latest developments achieved in OPV technologies. The OPV Workshop is open to any institution, company and organization interested in OPV technology and its practical applications in the building industry. +READ MORE


The scientific and technological end goal of SOLPROCEL is to obtain the new nano and organic materials necessary for fully solution-processed high performance semi-transparent solar cells. +INFO

Aims to develop innovative materials for efficient, stable and cheap organic photovoltaic cells that will ensure cost effective production and commercialization. +INFO

Aims to develop highly efficient organic solar cells with an increased lifetime and a decreased production cost. The ultimate goal of the ArtESun project is to bring organic photovoltaic technologies (OPV) towards introduction into the competitive thin-film PV market. +INFO